APIs For Blockchain Identity Verification & Financial Regulatory Compliance

One Identity is a revolutionary platform for identity creation and management and hybrid crypto and fiat financial transaction storage and analysis. Based on distributed ledger technology, our platform is the missing puzzle for the Blockchain compliance to the real-world regulations.

Reason to use One Identity

One Identity was designed from the ground up for the world of blockchain identity and financial regulatory compliance, which includes AML detection. With our technology, you can implement identity verification, secure identity creation and management, financial transaction storage in Blockchain and KYC and AML monitoring using a single unified API. All financial transactions, whether it’s fiat or crypto is linked to real identity for trust and accountability. Blockchain platform provide secure and trustless backbone for collaborative identity information sharing between trusted parties and collective financial transaction analysis to detect suspicious actors and transactions.

Public Permissioned Vs Private Network

One Identity operate on the basis of hosted, public-permissioned Blockchain model. Developer can opt to either create and store identity information and financial transaction in our Blockchain platform or operate own nodes. If you opt for latter option, you can configure One Identity to communicate with your Blockchain endpoints.

Regardless of whether you use our hosted Blockchain platform or operate own nodes, identity information and any proofs/credentials detail created by our APIs are stored privately and only the information is only accessible by the developer or application. Developer or application owner will have the full access to the identity information and proofs generated by them, subjected to their individual Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The only exception is non-identifiable information i.e. proof schema and DID is stored and accessible publicly in the Blockchain platform.


Before running your own node, try interacting with the network.

To interact with One Identity, you don’t need to download and run your own node. The primary way to communicate with One Identity is via REST API calls, with exception certain functions require download and usage of One Identity client library.

You can interact with the network by using the API to perform liveness detection, face matching to passport image, passport information verification, create digital identity, send transactions and associate wallet address with digital identity.

Before you can interact with the One Identity, you need to sign up a developer account and create API key. Please click Login and use your Google or GitHub account to sign up.