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Free Pay As You Go Customized Solution
FREE Forever Billing Based On Actual API Usage Customized


Free Pay As You Go Customized Solution
Access to all One Identity APIs. Access to all One Identity APIs. Access to all One Identity APIs.
Shared Capacity. Limited to 1,000 Queries Per Month. Guaranteed Min 10 Query Per Second. Customized QPS & Features.
Create 1 API Key only. Create Multiple API Key. Create Multiple API Key.


Free Pay As You Go Customized Solution
Community Support Community & Professional Tech Support (By Email) Customized SLA

Quick FAQs

Is Free Plan really free? Is credit card needed?

Yes, it's completely free. No credit card or upfront commitment.

Can I use the Free Plan for production purpose?

Certainly, as long the shared capacity meets your application requirement.

What is Query Per Second?

Query Per Second is the number of API call or requests per second. If you have higher capacity, more API requests can be handled within a certain period of time.

What Happen If I Exceed the Quota in Free Plan?

Your application will receive Too Many Request error. If you foresee your application require higher API request, you should opt for Pay As You Go or Customized package.

What is the validity of my account balance?

There is no time limitation for validity of account balance.

Where does One Identity APIs hosted?

Our APis is hosted in leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Alibaba Cloud. We can easily scale our APIS capacity to meet your application requirements.